8 Short YouTube Horror Movies That You Need To Watch Today

Make Your Winter Nights…Terrifying!

Craving for a horror movie but don’t have the time to watch a full theatrical movie?

We’ve got the ultimate list to help you get your horror craving out of the way by viewing these short 2-10 minute videos on YouTube.

These are perfect if you and your cousins are together and you want to have some terrifying fun!

For best results, crank up the volume. Start offering your prayers, you’ve been warned.

1. Unknown Number

Video Thumbnail

Unknown Number (Short Horror Film)

2. The Smiling Man

Video Thumbnail

The Smiling Man

3. Night Night Nancy

Video Thumbnail

NIGHT NIGHT NANCY – Short Horror Film

4. Clickbait

Video Thumbnail

Clickbait (2016) – Short Horror Film

5. Passenger

Video Thumbnail

Passenger- Short Horror Film

6. Attic Panic

Video Thumbnail

Attic Panic – Short horror film

7. Occupied

Video Thumbnail

Occupied | Short Horror Film

8. I heard it too

Video Thumbnail

I Heard It Too – Award Winning Short Horror

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